DOLCETTO di Ovada DOC Montobbio (GITAL0100-2016)

Available by October 2018 ( Just For Florida Orders ) 


Production area

Single vineyard located in the Municipality of Castelletto D’Orba (AL)


100% Dolcetto




Deep ruby-red




Intense, persistent, fruity

Serving temperature

at 18° C


Dry, intense, smooth, with red fruit tones, good bodied with a light pleasant almond-like bitter aftertaste

This product has a minimum quantity of 12 and sold by 12


The Dolcetto is one of the best vines from Piedmont with fine wines, its grapes enjoyable also as table grapes, because they have a sweet taste, intense and of vigorous nature. It prefers exposure to the sun facing north.

A variety of Dolcetto exist, the finest is the one with the red stalks, sparse clusters and of a pyramidal shape. The berries are round, not too thick and of a velvety blue color. The pulp is rich and red tinted, the leaf is small, thick and wrinkled, the flowering is early, so the ripening period is one of the most precocious. This does not allow mixtures with other grapes and the vilification occurs in purity, that is 100% with Dolcetto grapes.

The predominant farming system is the Guyot, the pH of the soil of Ovada can be considered essentially neutral, the average is 7,35.

The Docletto wine, contrary to the meaning of its name, is a dry wine, with a pleasant, slightly almondy background or bitter, with low acidity and low tannin.

Notes of our Expert and Sommelier Paolo Perillo:

Tasting notes Dolcetto di Ovada Montobbio:

The Dolcetto is a typical vine cultivated all over Piedmont since 1200, maintaining some common characteristics but also different expressions depending on the area. For this reason, I would like to make a preliminary remark on the area of Ovada where the wine of the Fratelli Montobbio is produced.

Here we are just over the mountain pass that separates Piedmont from the coast, where the sea wind which passes through the vineyards when it blows from south, charged with mineral and savory tastes, brings a bit of Ligurian influence also in the food. That’s right, farinate, focaccia, anchovies and vegetable pies are typical here, together with specialties from Piedmont.

In the area of Ovada the soil is clayey, tophaceous and calcareous, and the ruling provides that the vines are rigorously hilly, and it excludes valley land, humid or flat, at an altitude of no more than 600 meters.

The Dolcetto of Armando Montobbio, oenologist, producer with a deep knowledge of the secrets of the vineyards from Piedmont, has pleasantly surprised us again this year with a great wine.

The wine is of a nice ruby red, intense, with a few garnet reflections, a fruity aroma, a dry taste but soft, harmonious, pleasantly almondy and round. A very nice pattern.

Great for all meals, for first courses, meats and cheeses, I paired it with a dish of Tagliolini with mushroom sauce. A wine for all seasons.

A bit more info

Contrary to the meaning of its name, the Dolcetto is a dry wine. It is called like this because of the sweetness of its grapes, and because of the sweet hills in which it is cultivated, locally called “dusset”, namely bumps. The winemaking is done in 100% purity, being that the grapes mature precociously compared to others. For this reason, the wine obtained is unmistakable, the aroma is very fruity, the color is ruby red, it has a distinctive almondy finish, bitter, with low acidity, soft, intense, with a great pattern.

The producers

The owners of the Montobbio winery are twins Armando and Aurelio, both oenologists, so the wines originate from the most rational and updates techniques, in accordance with wine-making tradition. From generations the Montobbio family is connected to the world of good wine, Armando and Aurelio continue the work of their great-grandparents with enthusiasm and passion, pursuing the criterion of absolute quality, synonym of authenticity.


It can be paired with roasted meat, white or red, cold cuts, agnolotti, taglierini, cooked vegetables, it is the wine that more than any other can accompany any meals.Food pairing: thanks to its balance and freshness pairs greatly with flavoured starters, all kind of Pasta first courses, white and red meat or venison with medium worked dressing.

We suggest to open the bottle or pouring in the decanter 15 minutes earlier than serving, to oxigenate the wine properly.

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